With Youtag, you can tag every kind of resources: bookmarks, office documents, pictures, music, shortcuts, every kind of files.
With Youtag, you can tag files on any file storage services (local or network drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Sharepoint, etc.)

Tag your files, bookmarks, notes

Youtag manages bookmarks, notes, documents, pictures, music – and any kind of files on your computer.

Your way

Icons, pictures, colors, words give meaning to your tags.

Beautiful pictures


Distinctive colors

Meaningful words

Never lose your files

Organize and find your files on any device, even offline.
Enjoy them in a few clicks.

Youtag is available as a desktop application, soon on your mobile and tablet too.

Man on the phone, looking up to the future with Youtag
Woman smiling at the future with Youtag
Man working on a computer with Youtag
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Share your knowledge and interests

Invite friends and colleagues on Youtag.
Share, create and organize tags together.
Collaborate on your files.

Youtag keeps your files in your favorite places

Privacy respected

We don’t have access to your documents, we only store where your files are. We don’t sell your data to any third-parties.


Safe and secure

Your files aren’t moved in the cloud. All exchanges between your device and our servers are fully encrypted.

We love green

We don’t duplicate in the cloud the files that you already have somewhere. We harness the power of your existing storage solutions.

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